The University of TN Health Science Center

Community Affairs & Special Events 

To Whom It May Concern: 

Coaching from Mildred Muhammad has changed my life! 

There are people who spend countless hours being trained to coach. They know all the theories and have studied experts throughout the world. Ms. Muhammad was born to make those around her great. 

My first contact with her was not for the purpose of being coached. I reached out to secure her service as the keynote speaker for the annual University of TN Health Science Center Domestic Violence Conference. Somehow, she was able to sense something in my mere tone that informed her I was stressed and disconnected. She immediately went to work and shifted the conversation from the event to directing me to first to mentally pause, deal only with the facts that were in my control. That eliminated a number of things running through my busy mind and the world became calm. 

Ms. Muhammad has the extraordinary capability of revealing a perspective regarding your challenge that allows you to move forward to your next level in a positive acceptable way. She is a tool of strength and courage. One conversation and you feel life is better and it is. She listens. Too many people feel they have your answer prior to hearing the problem. She listens to the individual despite if the individual is the abuser, the victim, the criminal or the savior. There is no judgment and your story is safe with her. 

I have been the participator and the witness and fortunate by each life lesson. I now live in and cherish the moment. I breathe more and pant less. I deal with what is real and roll with it frustrated by nothing. This lesson, priceless. 


Pamela Houston, 

Director for Community Affairs & Special Events

The University of TN Health Science


Gifted Coach

I have never been a person who ever sought council for anything as I felt I had the answers to everything. Even so,  I often found myself unhappy over events in my life. I would strikeout with internal rage that manifested in ways that were unproductive which only pushed people away from me which in fact worsened my pain not relieve it. 

And then I met Mildred Muhammad at a convention. She told me her story, became friends,  but I had no idea that in addition to her being a domestic abuse survivor, she was also a skilled and talented intuitive life coach with natural gifts of compassion, patience, and insight. I would tell here things just to share with a friend and she would just say just what I needed (not necessarily wanted) to hear.  

Now, often times when I’m in mental and spiritual anguish, I find myself reaching out to Ms. Muhammad. She makes time for me, she listens, she cares, she follows up. She is gifted with the ability to say just the right things, just the right way, at just the right time. And when I’m done talking with her, the pain is subsided and my day looks brighter. I thank God for Mildred D. Muhammad and I’m blessed to be able to call on her to help guide me when things are not so clear. 

Naim Ali