7 Benefits of Intuitive Life Coaching with F.O.C.U.S.

1.   Reflecting & accepting your situation so you can move forward

2.  Recognizing & understanding your triggers

3.  Releasing your past and toxic emotions

4.  Accepting who you are

5.  Establishing balance, improving confidence in your personal and professional life

6.  Creating a practical plan to reach your goals (personal & professional)

7.   Loving yourself without feeling guilty

Each intuitive life coaching package is designed to fit your best outcome. 

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Life Skills Coaching

Healthy Relationships


Relationships can be difficult. However, they can be loving, nurturing, comfortable and long-term. Understanding your partner and articulating  YOUR love language are ways to keep the spark moving along to maintain a healthy relationship.

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Parenting doesn't come with a handbook. There are basic skills that are passed on from parent to child. However, some children don't receive this guidance. This course will help young parents to be the parents they desire to be.

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Starting a business with little to no budget takes time, patience and the ability to make your dreams manifest into the physical. 

Let me show you how!

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Professional and Personal Development Coaching


Government Agencies/Corporations/Military

  • Domestic Violence/Abuse
  • Effective Communication
  • How to Handle Difficult People (Family, Friends, Colleagues, Associates)
  • How to Listen
  • Professional/Personal Barriers to Success
  • Safety Planning
  • Self-Care for Advocates, First Responders and Law Enforcement
  • Success in the Midst of Adversity
  • Workplace Violence

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